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Birth Flow

Childbirth Preparation Course

There is one certainty when you are expecting a baby: You are going to give birth, and it is going to transform you in so many ways. Even though you can't always choose how and when your birth will unfold, you CAN choose how you prepare for it.

Go with the flow?

I have condensed 15 years of personal and professional birth experience into my Birth Flow: Childbirth Preparation Course and I am so excited to share my best tips and tricks for preparing for your Birth Flow with confidence and calm.

This course includes the following modules for reframing your mindset around giving birth and teaching you powerful tools assist you during your Birth Flow:

- Creating a Positive Birth
- Your Team and Birth Plans
- Birth Flow Unfolding
- Hypnosis and Yoga Nidra
- Comfort Techniques

- Breastfeeding/Bottle Feeding
- Postpartum Preparation

Also included:
- Recorded self-hypnosis and yoga nidra scripts.
- Course booklet including a Partner Guide
- Email and chat support before, during and after your birth.

You deserve to feel confident and powerful during YOUR BIRTH FLOW, and I can't wait to help you acheive this!

€ 120 for 5 hrs

€ 230 for 10 hrs

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