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Doula Services

The first weeks postpartum are filled with wonder and recovery, which can be both magical and extremely challenging for new families. My goal as your postpartum doula is to nurture you and your family gently and confidently into parenthood.

Getting to know you!

Discussing your expectations as well as any fears or concerns you may have about your pregnancy, upcoming birth or postpartum is an important part of this dynamic service. I can provide individualised, evidence-based information tailored to your needs to balance with your intuition for making empowering and informed decisions. You will save time and energy navigating the birth and early parenting world through my network and skills in a range of complimentary therapies such as massage, yoga nidra, self-hypnosis, Spinning Babies and infant care.


*Covid-19 restrictions have made it challenging for doulas, friends and family to provide continuous support. To reflect this my services are even more flexible, allowing for quick changes in accordance to official health guidelines as well as virtual assistance when needed.

  • 1 x Free non-committal consultation.

  • Telephone/sms/chat support between 10am-5pm.

  • 1 x 2 hr preparation consultation.

  • 1 x postpartum planning guide.

  • 1 x 90min in-home postpartum massage.

  • 15 hrs in-home postpartum care

  • Contract and deposit required.


Newborn Baby with Mom
Premium Postpartum
  • 1 x Free non-committal consultation.

  • Telephone/sms/chat support between 10am-5pm.

  • 1 x 2 hr. preparation consultation.

  • 1 x postpartum planning guide.

  • 1 x 90 min in-home postpartum massage.

  • 8 hrs in-home postpartum care.

  • Contract and deposit required.

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Classic Postpartum
  • 1 x free non-committal consultation.

  • 4 hours in-home postpartum support.

  • 2 hour min per visit required.

  • No contract required.

  • No deposit required.

Specific needs? Let me know!

Nursing Newborn
Postpartum Essentials

Create a personalised postpartum package.

  • 1 x free non-committal consultation.

  • Choose preparation meetings.

  • Add classes or complimentary services. 

  • Customise support period and content.

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Personalised Postpartum
Pricing upon request.

I was so fortunate and grateful to be able to have my doula for a month following my daughters birth. She helped so much in my postpartum that I was able to focus on transitioning mentally and physically to becoming a new mom again. Breastfeeding was easier and I felt reassured and confident attending to my newborn's needs.

- Sarah, Midway Canada

Every journey is unique, every parent is unique and every baby is unique. You deserve to feel nurtured, confident and strong! 

Some areas I can support you with:

  • non judgmental support for you and your family.

  • caring for you as you recover from birth.

  • hands-on guidance for infant care.

  • breastfeeding counseling/latch and positioning support.

  • processing your birth experience.

  • caring for baby when you want to shower, nap, or spend some special time with older siblings.

  • helping you understand postpartum recovery. 

  • creating a nurturing & quiet environment for your family.

  • helping and guiding your partner so they can best support you.

  • assisting your family organize and create a structured flow of help from friends and extended family.

  • helping to screen for postpartum mood disorders.

  • connecting with other health professionals for either you or your baby.

  • babywearing, cloth diapers, natural infant hygiene and other parenting hacks!